Social connection in the Free Plan

Hi there! I am currently working on my website and I noticed that free plan doesn’t provide any social connection (once the trial version expires); I am right or did I miss something?

What’s the difference between Social Connections (Trial) and Custom Social Connections (Free)?

Hey there @marco_m991 !

With a free plan you can use up to 2 social connections (known OAuth 2.0 or OIDC compatible IdPs that Auth0 has build integration with, lika Google or Facebook).

With a free plan you can also set a custom social connection - OAuth 2.0 compatible IdP, for example built by you IdP).

The info comes from the pricing page after unfolding the “Compare plans” button.

There is also a global entity limits policy, which tells that in summary, with a free plan you can use up to 10 connections, so max 2 social connections + 8 other connections).

Hope this helped and please let us know any questions!

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