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How Many Social Connections on Free Plan?



Hi there!

I am currently reviewing Auth0 and read that the free plan offers up to two social connections to be shown on the Lock.

However, immediately after the initial setup, I noticed Google was automatically setup. Besides, the WordPress plugin -> Settings -> Advanced tab already had options for Twitter and Facebook keys. I am just trying to reconcile of what I observe and whether there’s been an recent, but yet undocumented, change in the number of social connections offered in the free plan.

I currently use Facebook and Google and am curious to know whether a third social connection (Twitter or any other) is now part of the free plan or will it be billed after 21 days. Can someone please clarify?

Thanks much,
Kind regards


Hey there backpackingseries! For the Free Plan there is a limit of 2 Social Connections for your account. You can view the features for all of Auth0’s plans that the bottom of the pricing page Please let me know if you have any further questions!


Thank you.

I want to use Facebook and Google and that is how I have currently configured my site currently.

But, the WordPress Auth0 plugin has options for Facebook and Twitter. Would the free plan with WordPress Auth0 plugin force me to choose Twitter after the trial period is over?


The WordPress Auth0 plugin shouldn’t force you to choose one social SSO over another at any point, during trial or not. Please let me know if this help solve your question, thanks!


Great! Thank you very much for clarifying that.

Kind regards,


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