Slack marketplace plugin is non functional


The slack plugin on the marketplace is non-functional. It doesn’t send the identity.basic scope to slack. If added manually to the URL the auth will work successfully.

Will this be fixed? There is a related topic from Dec 21 with the same issue here with no resolution. This is currently a blocker to me using Auth0 for our product.

Hey there @JackTH welcome to the community!

Interesting - I just tested the integration and do see the identity.basic scope added as a param. Can you confirm you are using this integration?

The url looks something like:

Hey @tyf thanks for getting back to me.

Yes, that’s the integration I’m using, and the identity.basic scope is definitely missing.

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Thanks for confirming - That’s super strange!

I did some digging on our backend and assuming I am looking at the correct connection I see that the identity.basic scope is indeed missing from the user_scope value of authParams on your connection. You should be able to see this if you get the connection via the Management API. While I don’t have an explanation as to why this is missing I recommend 2 things:

  1. Delete and recreate the connection to see if the correct scopes come through.
  2. You could use the Management API to update the connection, adding the identity.basic scope.

Keep us posted!

Hey @tyf, thanks. Looks like a reinstall worked.

The only thing I did differently on install was reduce the scopes i initially requested and added them back in incrementally.

Not sure what happened there, but we are in business now. Thanks!

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That’s great! Thanks for following up here :smile:

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