Authentication fails with Slack Social Connection

I set up a Slack Social Connection and have double checked that the Client ID and the Client Secret are set correctly. However, when I test the connection, I get:

  "error": "invalid_request",
  "error_description": "{\"ok\":false,\"error\":\"invalid_auth\"}"

I have another Auth0 tenant with a Slack Social Connection to a different slack app, and that one works fine. So I have seen this social connection working before. I don’t know how to determine the issue here. How can I determine if this is an Auth0 bug or a Slack issue?

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Hmm that’s weird wondering what else you can give us so we can dive into it. What tiers are those tenants on?

Slack told me this:

It looks like Auth0 may be passing tokens as query string parameters, but this is deprecated for apps created after February 24, 2021.

You can find more information about this deprecation here: Deprecating usage of token as a query string parameter in Web API requests | Slack

This would align with the error you’re seeing and the fact that you’re only seeing this for newly created apps.

Thanks for reporting this! Let me relay it to appropriate team and see what they can share on that front!

Hey there got an update!

The Slack OAuth2 Social Connection is deprecated that’s why the issue.
You can create a connection via the marketplace here:

you should be able to configure it without issues just by following the on-screen instructions in 5 minutes.

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Hmm, unfortunately that one seems less full featured than the old one. :frowning: Where’s the appropriate place to make feature requests? For example, IIRC, the old one stored the platform user id in its own field I could retrieve. Now it looks like I have to try and parse it out of the name identifier.

Ah, I was using the Custom OAuth connection. It’s doing the wrong behavior.

Any chance this could be addressed? Again, to clarify, I’m using the custom OAuth connection with Slack, not the Slack Integration. The reason for that is the Slack integration doesn’t give me the information I need.


Yep I’m working on that :slight_smile: I’ve followed up on that with the engineering team and waiting for their input.

I got the information that the team wasn’t able to reproduce the issue. They went through that doc and everything worked correctly:

They also kept recommending using our marketplace for that as I wrote.

@konrad.sopala I can confirm there is some issue with slack integration.

It fails with following on my end (when using “Try connection”):

It looks like something has gone awry. Don’t worry it’s not your fault, but you won’t be able to install Auth at the moment.

Error details

Invalid permissions requested
No scopes requested

It’s because identity.basic is missing in url scopes after redirection to slack oauth2.

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Are you following this one?

Yup, can confirm it works on manually adding identity.basic in the URL for slack oauth2.
Is there anyway to get this added in from auth0 social connections slack integration?