Slack integration broken scopes

The recommended marketplace Integration for Slack ( is currently broken (and seems to have been like that for more than a year) do to the fact that it just doesn’t add identity.basic on the user_scopes query param upon request for auth to slack.

Is there any timeline for fixing this, or at least any recommended way to approach fix this?

I am aware that a custom integration would be one way but would be preferable to stick to an approved approach.

Hi @j.spiliot,

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Would Pass Parameters to Identity Providers help as a workaround?

Hi @dan.woda,

Apologies for the late reply.

We have multiple social and not social logins. If I’m getting this right, that approach would work if we had a single one, in which case we would pass the additional params to be applied to it.

Would that work though in our case?


That feature works on a per-connection basis, meaning you can apply custom params depending on the connection.