Sign in with Slack - how to migrate from legacy to openid scopes

I am using the ‘Sign in with slack’ marketplace integration, but it seems to request legacy identity.scopes instead of the new openid scopes. Slack no longer grant these scopes for new apps. Is there a way to create a connection that implements the new ‘Sign in the Slack’ functionality as specified in the following migration guide:

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Hi @phelps-sg,

We have recently become aware of Slack’s new requirements to use their updated scopes when approving Slack integrated apps, and we are working to release an new Slack social connection in the future using these scopes.

In the meantime, you should be able to configure a custom social connection to Slack using the Create Custom button on the New Social Connection page, usually found at the bottom of the social connections list. The Create Custom option will allow you to manually configure all of the OAuth2 connection’s parameters and to specify your own scopes. Additionally, you can set the Authorization URL and Token URL found in Slack’s documentation that you linked.

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No worries, we are here for you!

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