Adding additional user_scope param to Slack integration

I’m trying to use auth0 to fetch some additional scopes for Slack. The documentation is here:

There are two Slack connectors built into Auth0: the deprecated OAuth 2.0 connector, which doesn’t have the scopes I need (and is deprecated), and also the Sign In With Slack connector, which also doesn’t have the scopes I need. So I figured I would create a custom connector.

Authorization URL: Something went wrong when authorizing this app. | Slack
Token URL:
Scopes: identity.basic,,identity.avatar,

(I actually need several additional scopes: users:read,,search:read, which is why I’m not using the standard connector, but I can easily demonstrate with just the identity.* ones.

When that custom connector is run, it passes all of those scopes in the scope parameter – which seems right, but according to the Slack docs, some of the scopes (all of them in my case) need to go into a user_scope parameter instead.,,identity.avatar,

So the scope here should be user_scope, and scope= can probably be omitted (it definitely works when it’s blank).

I saw this post: Pass additional scopes/permissions to a Social Connection

It suggests using the management API to patch the requests. I could do that, but would that work to add an additional parameter, rather than change an existing one? Is there a different solution?

Hi @liam-ssg,

I moved this to the #help category so you can get some help :smile:.

You can pass custom params by updating the connection settings (as you’ve already mentioned).

This should work if you want to add an upstream param, if I understand you description correctly.

This doc also lays it out: Pass Parameters to Identity Providers

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