Sign In with Apple failed exchange 410

I have had Sign In with Apple working absolutely fine for over two months and this morning I wake up and find that I am logged out of my app. When I attempt to log back in I am faced with “Exchange Failed error code 410”

Absolutely nothing has changed in my Sign In with Apple configuration. What gives?

Hey there!

Do you remember other changes you’ve made in the meantime?

Hey so the solved ended up being in removing an action that was causing an issue. I had a debug action setup to relay auth data to a webhook catcher during login just for debugging login payloads early on. The endpoint started error’ing out and it resulted in this wild goose chase. The error messaging was pretty vague so im dropping this here for the next guy - be sure to make sure its not your actions!

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Wohoooo! Glad to hear that! Thanks for sharing with the rest of community!