Apple SIWA Error

Hi I get this error when trying to sign in with apple.

Exchange Failed: Error from apple connection: (no description) (invalid_client)

Hey there!

Can you provide us with more details regarding your implementation as we only have the information regarding error which is not helpful. Any info on the stack you use, steps to reproduce would be helpful! Thanks!

@konrad.sopala I’m experiencing this issue too. I’m implementing sign in with apple natively by following this tutorial: I aslo did all the instruction in this documentation: To reproduce the issue just run the codes from the tutorial and then do the normal sign in with apple flow, after getting the authorization code from Apple, I convert it to string data type and then call tokenExchange(withAppleAuthorizationCode:). I got the error message from that method closure. Can you help me?

Update: I solved this issue by revoking and creating new key in apple developer portal, and then I update the client secret key sign in social connection settings for sign in with apple.

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Thanks a lot for sharing that with the rest of community and super glad you have figured it out!

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