Error from apple connection: (no description) (invalid_request) SIWA

I’m getting a invalid_request error when trying to exchange an apple token from the SIWA callback with Auth0, seems that Auth0 is getting an invalid_request error from Apple.

Error: error calling ‘’: ==>: aborted after 2001ms (timeout is 2000ms)

The strange part of it, is that works ok on everyone except onthe Apple reviewer’s device… so my guess is that it’s related to this specific user (that doesn’t appear on Auth0 records).

On his request I’m not getting any email, as I’m aware that happens if it’s not the first time the user sign in, the problem is that for whatever reason the user was not created in auth0. Not sure if the error comes from there.

The user information still comes in the idToken, but not sure Auth0 implementation supports this case in his implementation.

Any ideas how to unblock this scenario?


I did tell the reviewer to reset the Apple Id access for this specific app in the Settings, (Settings > Apple ID > Password & Security > Apps using Apple ID) so next time will start with a new user. Also, an Auth0 developer told me that probably the Apple reviewer was throttling the Auth0 connection, that’s why the timeout error, I explained that to Apple reviewer too.

One of the two things worked.


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Perfect! Glad to hear it all came together!

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