'Apple Sign In' roadblock: 'invalid_request Invalid web redirect url"

I’m just about ready to throw in the towel in ALL my attempts to integrate Auth0 (and its many complexities). It has been one roadblock after another for me and my support team and, believe me, this is not ‘my first rodeo’. So if anyone is able, please help me over this hurdle so I don’t have to ‘throw the baby out with the bath water’ (and forgive my cliché metaphors): Been trying to integrate ‘Apple Sign In’ as one social connection and can’t get past, ’ invalid_request Invalid web redirect url’ Apple error when ‘Try[ing] Connection’. And yes… I’ve checked dozens of times my ‘Allowed Callback URLs’ in Auth0’s appplication settings, against the Apple ‘Services Identity’ configure ‘Apple Sign In’ ‘Return URLs’, but they’re identical and, as far as I can determine, valid in every way. Desperately seeking timely, professional guidance. Many thanks to community for your indulgence!

Hi @dforer,

It looks like this usually boils down to a misconfiguration (Apple insists on using odd naming conventions).

Here’s some places that user’s have been tripped up.

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