Apple submission issue with Apple login

Hello :slight_smile:,

We are trying to submit an update of our iOS application to Apple (so not the first time the application is being reviewed), however this time they denied our build because for them the “Sign in with Apple” isn’t working on their side.

My first thought that was all of this is very strange since we didn’t touch anything, but indeed in the logs I found they had an error during the login:

Every time they tried the error is the following: Timeout awaiting ‘request’ for 4000ms. However, when I tried to reproduce the issue on my side everything is working perfectly fine and the social connector test show no issues as well. So I’ve encouraged them to try again thinking it was a temporary failure, but they still got the issue where we don’t have it. And when I looked at the raw details of the logs their user seemed fine (and I hope so since it is their technology).

Is this a known issue ? Does someone have a solution, like maybe increasing the timeout (I didn’t found any options about it) ?

Hi @Tazrof,

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I searched recent support cases and I am not seeing any other reports of timeout issues with SIWA.

Could you please DM me the tenant log JSON so I can investigate further? Thank you!

Hello !

For anyone with the same issue, after some research and with the help of @dan.woda, disabling the custom rules helped reduce the login time and avoid the 4000ms timeout issue with SIWA. It is still strange that only their QA ran into this issue when everything was working fine for us and our users, but if you have the same problem, this will at least get your application validated.