Native ios(Xamarin) sign in with apple issue server error

Good Day,

I followed all of the guides provided to enable login with apple and i get the error {
“error”: “server_error”,
“error_description”: “Object argument required.”

any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Hey there!

Unfortunately this error is too vague to help you with (I know it’s on our side). Can we do it another way? Can you implement it with one of our guide and then share the link to it so we can help you reproduce and debug it? Thanks!

Hi, I opened a support ticket and auth0 confirmed its an issue on their side. I was able to send them a trace log. So hopefully once this is resolved I’ll update.

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Perfect! That will be super beneficial for the rest of community!

Any info on that issue?
A few days ago we added a new Auth0 tenant, today I have enabled SIWA on it, but no matter what I’m getting this “Object is required” error. Both when connecting from iOS device and when doing Test Connection in Auth0 dashboard. I’ve checked configuration with the other 2 tenants, which both have SIWA enabled, but couldn’t find any mismatches. :thinking:
Any help/advice would be greatly welcomed! :handshake:

UPDATE: Just fixed the issue. The problem was with missing Client Secret Signing Key. I’ve left that field empty but the proper key is required, apparently. After adding the key obtained from Apple SIWA started working just fine. Sorry for the false alarm and for the good docs! :rocket:

Hey @ecash !

Do you have any update on that front?

He Serzhas ,
Where you put Client Secret Signing Key.
In the application or in apple developer.