Sign in with Apple Error: "Error from apple connection: (no description) (invalid_client)”

Problem statement

When creating an Apple Social Connection with generated Apple Keys and settings (as opposed to Auth0’s dev keys for testing), the app seems to fail to authenticate with the following error:

"Error from apple connection: (no description) (invalid_client)"


This error can manifest if the ‘Apple Team ID’ or ‘Client Secret Signing Key’ set in the Auth0 dashboard for the Apple Connection is inaccurately configured. This Auth0 Community article offers a bit more information about updating those values.


Confirm the values set in the ‘Apple Team ID’ and the ‘Client Secret Signing Key’ are the correct values received from Apple. In some instances, this may require revoking and creating a new secret key in the Apple Developer Portal and then updating the ‘Client Secret Signing Key’ in the Auth0 dashboard for the Apple Connection.