Send welcome email once email is verified

Hi folks, we are sending mails using the Mailgun templates for email verification. Also, we want to do the same for Welcome email. However I want to send the welcome email once the user verifies the email. I do not see any actions to achieve this. Is there any way we can send Welcome email son after guest verifies their email?

you can send welcome emails using management API also.

Folks, Gentle reminder (adding some more context)

This is the user journey once they register to our application
We send email using template from Mailgun

  • We trigger the verification email from Post User registration action. We are using mailgun.js to interact with Mailgun and generating verification email link using the endpoint api/v2/tickets/email-verification.
  • After going through Customize Email Handling, I created a Rule to send welcome email based on email_verified field using 'mailgun-js@0.7.14'.
  • But I do not receive welcome email. I am going through logs using Real-time Webtask Logs. I do not see any logs for this Rule.

I am aware that the welcome email will be sent during next login due to the behavior of Rules. But is there a way I can send Welcome Email as soon as guest verifies their email?