Problem with send welcome email with rule

I try to send welcome email in rule by sending post request. There is example of such action (Customize Email Handling) for invitation and welcome email. First example works well. But second example (welcome email) has weird url (‘’).

I tried different variations of possible url, but it didn’t work.
(Like etc.)

Can anybody help me please.

Can you clarify why you are sending the welcome email in a Rule? You can enable them to be sent automatically via the Email templates page: > Welcome Email > Status

I need to send it manually. Because it can’t do automatically after first password reset.

It sounds little stupid. But I create user by invite. Then in invite message user would redirected to password reset where he will set his own password. And only after that I need to send welcome email.

That’s why I want to trigger sending welcome message manually.

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The documentation you linked to is for when you want to handle email sending yourself instead of going through the Auth0 email flow.

More specifically, to my knowledge, there’s no endpoint provided by Auth0 that would allow you to send a welcome email at a specific time. Both of the URL’s used in the documentation are meant as placeholders for the endpoints you would implement.

If you want a custom email flow then you’ll need to implement the endpoints that will send those emails and perform the actual sending of the email. As a side note, technically, there’s a Management API endpoint that allows to request a verification email to be sent at a given time so you could reuse it for the verification email, but there’s none for the welcome email case so for that one you need to send that email yourself.