Send user invitation email on signup without changing default email template/functionality in auth0

Hi Guys,

currently implemented:
I have implemented signUp/login functionality with Auth0,
workflow as: when user signup directly or by admin/SA then send welcome email template provided by Auth0 to user.

What I need to do using Auth0 is:
1- Create User
2- Send the user an ‘user invitation’ email so they can confirm their email address.
3- Giving them the option to set their own password, instead of me setting it in the creation process “step 1”.


  1. I want to send ‘user invitation’ email [which I have added in Auth0 Branding:-Email templates] when user created by admin/Super admin,
  2. If user directly signup then send Auth0 default welcome email .

I have already go through this: Send Email Invitations for Application Signup

What is the suggested way to handle email invitation?