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Send welcome email after passwordless magic link login



I would like to send a welcome email after a user has signed up using a passwordless login through an email with a magic link. The documentation says

A welcome email is sent to users once
they have verified their email
address. This can be implemented using
a rule which sends the email only if
the user’s email address has been
verified and the email has not been
sent previously.
Does a passwordless magic link not count as a verification email? If this is possible could someone please provide instructions, since I’ve had no success through the web interface.


Based on a search the above statement if from this documentation page about custom handling of emails. In this scenario you disabled the emails sent from Auth0 and chose to handle these scenarios yourself so the actual email would need to be sent by your system.

That same documentation shows that you can trigger that email being sent from your system through a custom rule that could react to the first authentication of a given end-user. However, from your question I got the impression that you would still be wanting Auth0 to send emails and if that’s correct then the documentation in question is not applicable.


Thanks for your response, I have a better idea of what I’m trying to do now. Is it possible to trigger a ‘welcome email’ (from an email template) from a custom rule, when using a SMTP mail provider? The rules page has examples for sending email with Mandrill and SendGrid, but not our own SMTP provider. We are currently using a custom SMTP provider, to send passwordless magic links, and are not handling emails in a custom way.