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I have implemented a login page where the the user can choose between signup with google, or using passwordless login where they are sent a code. I also turned on welcome emails. When the user signs in with google for the first time, the welcome email is sent. When they signup using passwordless, they get the magic code, but no welcome email. The welcome email is important as we plan to use that to send important information to the user. Is it possible to get the welcome email to send on passwordless connections as well?


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It looks like Passwordless users skip the welcome email, and I can’t find a way around that. If you would like, you can create a Feature Request for that.

In the mean time, you can set up a rule or action that sends a welcome email to all users. Here is an example rule:

Understood, thanks for the help. Rules should be able to achieve the functionality we want, even if its a touch more work. Thanks!

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Glad that solved it. Thanks!

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