Passwordless connection not working

I had set up passwordless connection to gmail. And i tried both code and link methods. on both ways i got the link and code via mail.

  1. If it is via link on clicking the link to which page it should navigate? how and where to set it up?
  2. If it is via code, where to enter the code to login? i could’t find any prompt for asking code.?
  3. passwordless login is for already existing users or if to a new mail id i am send the link and user will be created automatically?

thanks in advance.

Hi @orangeuser442,

Thanks for contacting Auth0 Community, we’re happy to lend a hand.

Could you provide the documentation that you’ve used to set up your passwordless connection? It sounds like you’re doing a passwordless email flow, how are you expecting the flow to work?

However to answer some of your questions:

Here’s our documentation on magic links that should cover this topic:

The above link mentions the code but basically instead of a link that automatically logs the user in, the email would contain a code that the user would input when returning to the app.

This will work with new or pre-existing users. Once successfully authenticating a user profile will be created.

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