Magic link alongside with an email code with passwordless auth?

I’m using a website which features passworldess auth and when i sign in, i receive a single email with a magic link and an email code included, so i can choose either to click on the link or copy/paste the code.

Is this possible to do with Auth0?

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Hey there @viszt, I apologize for they delay in response.

With Passwordless email authentication the user is asked to enter their email address, to which Auth0 sends a one-time code. The user then enters the code into your application. We actually have some terrific documentation on our Passwordless feature. When you get a chance give it a look and let us know if you have any questions.

I will go ahead and keep this topic open for ten days unless I hear otherwise from you. Thanks!

This is not supported out of the box, it’s either link or code, not both. I’ve seen this on other websites as well, but it’s currently not supported at Auth0. For this, you would need to roll your very own implementation, maybe by utilizing the Auth0 API, but definitely also not with Lock (but custom UI).

Side note:

Well, there is a code in the magic link as well, but to get it to work in a way that a user can optionally enter it manually in a UI, is not provided with the link mechanism (as is it with code). So, not an option without quite a lot of additional dev effort.

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