How to set up Passwordless email magic link

Just getting started with Auth0. I have Passwordless email working with an OTP code, but I cannot find where to change it to magic link. In Authentication/Passwordless/Email, the settings screen that comes up has fields for Connection (“email”, can’t modify it), From, Subject, Body, Authentication Parameters, OTP Expiry and OTP Length, and Sign Up, all set their defaults. I don’t see any selector for magic link. In the Applications tab I have both my apps turned on. In the “Try” tab I can send a magic link trial email, but don’t see how to select that mode for my users.

Hey there!

Here’s a step by step guide on how to do it:

Thanks! That’s the page I was following to set it up. Although the first two paragraphs talk about magic links, the actual setup instructions below only talk about OTP codes. I must be blind, cause I can’t see anything about how to switch it to do magic links. Unless I’m supposed to edit the email template? The instructions don’t mention that.

this link doesn’t actually say how to use magic links vs the code. It’s the same page as the code documentation

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