Creating a Passwordless user automatically sends link email

When I create a user via the v2 management API, specifying the connection ‘email’ for email passwordless flow, Auth0 appears to send a login email to the user in response to the creation request (i.e. it does not appear to wait for me to do a /passwordless/start). The problem is, we are using code (not magic link) emails in our system, and this email always contains a magic link. I have tried setting verify_email to false in the create user call and this appears to make no difference: the magic link is always sent when create user is called.

Note that the code emails work just fine if we explicitly call /passwordless/start, but we would like to suppress this additional email as we do not support the magic link on our site.

We are having this same issue and I’m talking with Auth0 support about it. So far, they’ve been unable to replicate the problem. I’ve linked to this post in our ticket, but if you want, you can send me a private message with your tenant name and I’ll add that to our ticket.