Send email verification for new users that have been deleted

I’m working on an integration of Auht0 with a SPA, using the default settings of auth0 (email template, …) with email/password and google connections . I need to test my app many times with many scenarios, so let’s say I’m user A I sign up either by one of the connections then I receive a verification Link, but if I delete user A and then try to sign up again I don’t receive the verification email.

Can someone plz help me with this problem ?

Another question : while I was writing this topic I received the verification email ( after one hour ), how can I prevent this from happening in the production tenant?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @youssef,

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Can you share more details about this? Are you using a Auth0 Database Connection for these logins? I’d like to test and see if I have the same behavior.

The built-in email provider is for trial use and is having some latency issues. You should set up a custom email provider for production use.

thanks @dan.woda for ur answer.
yes I’m using Auth0 Database Connection. In fact I’m trying to debug my application so instead of signing up every time with a different email/password I want to use the same email and then when ever I want to retry again I just delete it. But I don’t always receive the verification link, so I have the user with email_verified = false.