Search function of application

Please fix so I can search on ALL pages of applications

We have 6 pages of applications, I can only search on the page Im looking at. We would like to be able to use the search function so it searches on all 6 pages instead of us going page by page.

This would save ALOT of time !!

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Thank you.

Also if the ENITRE collection of applications was sorted alphabetically and THEN displayed it would make life much easier :slight_smile: Today, a bunch of applications are fetched, sorted and displayed on page 1. This can be applications A-Z. Then on the next page, another bunch of applications are listed, again A-Z this goes on and on which means that an application called Work might be on any of the (in this case) 6 pages. Usually new applications are added to the last page but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen an exception to this at least once. Ideal would be (as an example) Page1: A-F, Page2: F-P, Page3: Q-Z (if page 3 is the last page). What’s really bad is that if you grant some access to administer an application that is on page 6 they don’t see ANY applications at all when they choose the Applications tab unless they choose page 6! To be clear, pages 1-5 are shown but they are empty.

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Thanks for adding additional context!

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