Bug in Auth0 UI - Applications - Applications

when navigating into the Applications overview (under Applications), one gets an overview of all the applications created under this tenant. These are sorted alphabetically.
When one exceeds 100 applications, the list is split up into multiple pages.

Page 1 will sort the 100 historically first created items
Page 2 will sort the next 100 historically created items
Sorting does not span over multiple pages.

Oddly, the list is not sorted completely but only per page.
e.g. On page one I can find:

  • AA001
  • AA002
  • BB011
  • BB012
  • ZZ227

Now, on page 2, I’ll find:

  • AA003
  • BB001
  • EE123

Hi @jurgen_publiq ,

Thank you for posting this topic on the Auth0 Community!

Our engineering team is aware of this issue and has put this into the backlog. We will provide updates on further progress.