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Pagination of search results breaks filter on search



In the Auth0 Authorization Extension dashboard, Users tab, you can search for the users you want. Say you have 5000 users total, and you want to find all the 30 users with an email address with the domain You type in, in the search field, and are shown a paginated view of the first 10 users out of 30 who match that result.

The bug is, when you click the button to fetch the next page of the results, the search filter is cleared, so instead of fetching page 2 (users 11 - 20) of the users you actually searched for, you get page 2 of all the users.

This is clearly a bug, and clearly problematic when you don’t want to be forced to do a manual linear search through the thousands of users you have in order to find the dozen users you are interested in.

Specifically, at the time you perform the initial search, the following HTTP GET request is performed:*&field=&per_page=10

but when the button is clicked to fetch page 2 of the results, the following HTTP GET request is performed, with the q request parameter empty.


:wave: @andersthorbeck We have confirmed this is a bug and I will be communicating with the appropriate team to address the issue and have it fixed. At this time, I wouldn’t have an ETA on when this can be fixed, but it will now be on our radar because of your help. Thank you for reporting this!


@kim.noel Thank you for a prompt reply and for putting the issue on your agenda. Please could I be notified when the issue is resolved?


I can update you when the fix goes live!


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