Search Dialog Box not working on User Profile page

After the interface update, I’m experiencing a bug with the top search dialog box in the Admin interface. To reproduce:

  1. From the Dashboard, use the search dialog box at the top of the page to select a user. This autocompletes as you type.
  2. Select a user (or users are named by their email address - example:
  3. This takes you to the user profile for
  4. Go back to the top search dialog box and type in a new user ( Selecting this new user does not take you to the new user’s profile but remains on (aaa@aaa .com*). This happens whether you type in the full name of the user or select the partial autocompleted one from the dropdown.
    Expected behavior: Picking the new user (bbb@bbb .org*) should take you to the user profile of bbb @bbb .org.

Searching from the dialog box works correctly on the Dashboard & Users pages, as well as other pages like Connections. But not for switching between User Profiles. This worked correctly a few weeks ago.

It is a significant slow down when trying to visit multiple User Profiles in succession. I currently have to revisit the Users page in between switching user profiles.

Thank you for any help solving this problem.

*Sorry for putting a space between the domain and the domain extension (bbb@bbb .org) for some emails - but I can’t post them as email addresses because I am a new user.