Search by User ID in Dashboard

Problem statement

A tenant administrator would like to be able to find details of a user, by entering a user_id into the Users search box. Explain whether this is possible.


The Search for users box will only find details of a user if a username or email address is entered.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Dashboard > Users > Search bar.
  2. Search a user ID: email|92x3d1406f1a1a5cyy62xxd0.
  3. No results.


When searching for users, queries must be created using Lucene query syntax to define the scope of the search.


Use Lucene Search Query Syntax, as in these examples:

  • user_id:"email|92x3d1406f1a1a5cyy62xxd0" (complete)
  • user_id:*auth0* (partial)

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