All Users Missing

I have few users in my tenant and I could not find them anywhere though I can login as these users. I went ahead and created a user today and it appeared in the users page initially and then it disappeared.
Interestingly I can see the number of logins and signups in the dashboard page though the dashboard page also shows the all time users as 0.
What am I missing?

The vanishing act of the user appearing and then disappearing is a bit weird, nonetheless, what you describe is mostly consistent with the scenario where you created the tenant in question a significantly time in the past (more than six months) and then the tenant did not show monthly active usage. As part of an incident response in the third quarter last year user search functionality was disabled in some tenants that did not exhibit activity. The functionality could then be enabled again upon request through the dashboard when the owner resumed using the tenant, however, that ability was recently removed because all accounts in that situation will have user search enabled again automatically without the need to perform a request; this should be happening in the next weeks.

I believe my tenant falls into your later category. We are back to consistently testing and need access to the user management UI. How do we get user search enabled again?

It would require manual intervention on a case by case basis and completion could take some time; in your particular case I see that you already have a support ticket about this. Meanwhile, if it’s for testing I would also consider creating a trial tenant.