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Rule debugging - Connection error


Hello community, just starting yesterday (2018-04-26) (AFAIK), we are not able to debug rules in our dev or test auth0 tenants. When I try to debug a rule, I immediately see a red bar along the bottom of the (new) browser window, and text at the top stating: “11:41:11 AM: Connection error” in bright red.

Just wondering if others are seeing this as well?

We’ve used this very useful feature off and on for many months with no problems until now. We created a support ticket, but so far our rep seems surprised and hasn’t pinpointed the problem. Seems like if this was happening to everyone, it would be a ‘pretty big deal’.


:wave: @Joe_Tillotson what version of the real-time web task extension do you have installed?


Ah, we are using 1.1, and (my apologies, I’ve been out sick for a couple days) we updated from using nodejs v4 to nodejs v8 in our tenant settings a couple days ago. So, I’ll bet that we need to upgrade from 1.1 to 1.2, to work with nodejs v8?


@Joe_Tillotson the Realtime Webtask Logs Extension should be updated to the latest version (1.2) to fix your issue! Please let me know if you are still experiencing issues after updating.


In case anyone else runs across this - upgrading from 1.1 to 1.2 did fix the issue. Thanks again.


Is there any chance you could update the error from “Connection Error” to “Connection Error: make sure you’re on the latest level of this extension”, or something else that might direct someone to the solution in a shorter space of time, please?


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