Restore Deleted Users

Through the management API we deleted about 15 accounts. Is there a way to restore them?

Hey there @jimseiwert!

Unfortunately these kind of actions are not reversible. Sorry for that!

Hi @konrad.sopala,

Is this still true if the user is deleted from dashboard? Is there a way to recover at least part of the user data for legal purposes?

Thank you

What kind of data do you mean?

For example we store in app_metadata info about when the user has accepted the privacy policy and terms of service. If a user requests to cancel his account and we delete it from Auth0, we lose this information. I wonder if we could be able to recover it at a later stage if the need arises. Or even simpler, can we know if a user had created an account at any time if we delete it from Auth0?

Gotchya! Let me discuss it with the engineering team and I will get back to you shortly once I confirm it!

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