Restore users deleted along with connection

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We’ve removed the email connection in one of our tenants, so we lost users created within that connection. Is there a way to restore users somehow? Thank you

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If it is not possible than will be good to receive at least of list of removed user ids

Hi @vtereshyn,

You can retrieve a list of the deleted users by looking at the log operations. Take a look at this FAQ:

No, I can’t. These logs show only users deleted directly through the API or through Dashboard. In my case users have been deleted along with email connection through the API call. Is there a possibility to restore connection and all their users? Or just users? Or at least get their ids?


Unfortunately, no, we don’t keep a backup of users. I wish I had a better answer, but the action is not reversible.

Thanks for your response

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If I found some of user’s emails and user ids, is there a way to import this data and assign them to a new email connection?

Hi @vtereshyn,

You can import users with Bulk User Imports or via the management API.

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