Resend account blocked email

Hi, is there a way to allow an user to ask for auth0 to resend the email generated when the account was blocked? Is there a scenario where this email is resend at any point?

If this is not possible, what would be our alternatives?

Thanks in advance,

To my knowledge, it’s not possible to request this email to be sent again. However, if the user performs a password reset operation this should also allow the user to unblock themselves in a self-service manner. However, a password reset may have additional impact when compared to simply using the unblock link so this may or may not be relevant to your scenario.

It should also be possible for tenant admins to unblock the user administratively, however, this would mean end-users would be dependent on others.

Thanks a lot for your answer. I guess this is a border case that have manual options available so lower priority. Will go with that and then we can think about make it better.

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