Replace developer key with production one in existing app

I made a really silly mistake. Here’s the thing.

I had been developing an app for several months and during the time I sort of learned to ignore the exclamation mark that’s supposed to inform you that you’re using a developer key.

So when going for production, I just created a new tenant and went with that. Because I was already used to the warning I would not notice. There are about hundred users of the service now and one of them (yes, only one - it’s obviously not a myth - people don’t read stuff…) noticed the warning. First of I was like… Hm, that’s weird I don’t have any such warning there. But then I realized I simply must have learned to ignore the warning and wouldn’t notice it in production for several months… How silly.

So, is there a way to replace that for an app, that’s already running and has a lot of users whose data I simply cannot afford to lose? I.e. I cannot force them to create new accounts and drop current data.

Thanks for any hints you can give me!



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What connection is it? The implications of changing developer keys will depend on what social connection you are using. For example, it looks like facebook changes the ID’s returned depending on the application ID.

thanks for your response.

I only use google account integration. Nothing more.


I did a quick test with two different sets of keys and I was able to log in as the same user.

I had to authorize the app again, but that is somewhat trivial. I would highly recommend testing it on another tenant so you understand the scope of the change.

Will try on the tenant I use on a staging server then to make sure not to break something in production.

Will let you know…


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Let us know how it goes!