Confusing dev keys error message when using production keys

We have tested our Auth0 integration and everything is ready for launch. However, on our login page there’s this message:

Dev Keys

One or more of your connections are currently using Auth0 development keys and should not be used in production.

We have configured “Production” and “Preview” keys in Auth0 settings. We put the Production keys in the env vars and confirmed this. Yet still, we get the dev message.

How do we get that removed?

Hi @kylepolich,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I understand that you’ve been getting a warning regarding the usage of Auth0 Development Keys.

The warning indicates that one or more of your Social Connections are using the Auth0 dev keys.

To remove this message, you’ll need to ensure that your Social Connections are not using the Auth0 dev keys. There should be a yellow warning icon next to the social connection you need to address. See below of an example.


Once that is completed, the warning messages will disappear.

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help.

Thank you.

Hi @rueben.tiow , thanks for your reply, but I don’t this your reply applies to my use case. I don’t have any social logins connected yet and there’s no logo to indicate the source, just a mysterious warning.


The “Learn More” link is a 404

Hi @kylepolich,

Thank you for your response.

Could you please clarify if you have created any Social Connections?

It may be the case where social connections are created with no applications enabled, which does not display a yellow banner regarding the use of the Auth0 dev keys by default.

In any case, you need to go to your social connections in the dashboard, select each social connection, and then check if you left any of the API Key and Secret Key empty. If so, you’re using the Auth0 dev keys and will need to configure them with social connection dev keys.

After doing so, the red alert banner will go away.

Thank you.

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