Using hobby project in production under free plan - is dev tenant key unsafe for my ~20 users?

I made a web app with authentication to try show off for prospective employers. I’d like to have 10-20 people actually sign in to it while its deployed but i’m getting the notification “One or more of your connections are currently using Auth0 development keys and should not be used in production.”

I think my small amount of users would be worried about security and not sign in with that notification there. Does Auth0 have any sort of hobby account for this type of situation? It would be awesome to be able to use a production tenant for my tiny use-case

This likely comes from “Login with Google”. If you register an app with Google and updating your settings, this warning will go away. Here’s a lab that explains how to do that:


thank you. I read and completed the steps. but still have the red icon at the top right with the dev error. Do I need to move the google app from “testing” to “publish” it doesnt say it is necessary in that documentation but I’m just not getting the updated view even though the app ids are bound

edit: nevermind, i got this sorted out. I have removed the facebook social connection that was forcing the error. Thank you mraible!

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