Confusion with switching from developer key to production key

I’m trying to use production keys instead of developer keys. I am going through the to try to get that to work.

I got through the whole tutorial and from social connection->google/email-> try connection, it says that it works.

I got client ID and key from google api credentials (which looks different from the developer versions, the ID ends in and I put it in my google action project. I also copied over my allowed login URI and callbacks from my auth0 application to the google api credentials.

When I run my google actions, it couldn’t log in, auth0’s log says failed login with description “The client was not found: ************************” (this is the client ID)

what step did I miss?

Hey there @hyperian, Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I apologize for the delay in response. When you get a chance can you direct message me your tenant so I can take a peek at how you have everything setup? Thanks in advance!

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