Regarding the features available in the paid version

I am currently using the free version, but I am considering upgrading to the paid version soon. With the paid version upgrade, are the following features supported in the paid plan?

We are considering either “B2B - ESSENTIALS” or “B2B - PROFESSIONAL” for the contract.

[Expected Features]
・Setting up a custom domain
・Custom design for Universal Login
・Adding Applications
・Adding APIs
・Using a mail provider
(These are included in the plan comparison, but I listed them just to be sure.)

I appreciate your response.

Hello there @m.kishikawa and welcome to the community!

I apologize for the delayed response on this one, but wanted to get back to you :slight_smile:

Everything you listed is indeed included in the B2B Essential/Professional plans - I will note that in either plan, the default Auth0 mail provider is not supported for production use, and adding an external provider is required.


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