Redirect_url for verification email

We have an issue regarding redirect url for verification emails:

According to documentation we set redirect_url to {{ application.callback_domain }}
Allowed callback urls in applications are set like that:

However we’re getting error during redirect:
{"name":"BadRequestError","code":"invalid_result_url","description":"invalid result url:

What could cause that issue?

Hi @mikolajbuda1337,

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I have seen this occur when an email client automatically opens links in emails to provide a preview of the content. The URL is one-time-use, is invalid after it is used. Have you tried it with multiple email clients?

Hope this helps!


Hi @dan.woda,

I tried with Mac Mail app and gmail webapp as well. The same results.

Hi @mikolajbuda1337,

Can you try and use this endpoint to create an email verification ticket:!/Tickets/post_email_verification

Navigate to the link in the response in your browser and see if it is successful.

Let me know how this goes,

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Hi @dan.woda,

I was able to generate email verification ticket with provided API call and it worked. I was redirected successfully to first callback url set in configuration and email was verified as well.

Link generated in email looks the same, but ticket id is different and it’s still gives me an error.

Hi @mikolajbuda1337,

How are you generating the verification email?

Hi @dan.woda,

We are not generating verification emails on our side. We have Status enabled for verification email on dashboard. Should we try with creating an email verification ticket manually and then use jobs API to send email address verification email?


You could certainly use the send verification email job endpoint. It would be a bit of a workaround, but that is up to you.

A couple more questions:

  • do you have a custom email provider configured?
  • have you tried the email job endpoint (different from the email ticket endpoint) and had a successful email link?
  • and what i mean by generating the email…is the email being sent automatically or are you triggering an endpoint to send the email?



  1. Yes we have custom provider configured with our AWS instance. It did not work without custom provider as well.
  2. Yes, it worked
  3. Email is being sent automatically

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