Verification Email Flow Leads to Error Page Instead of Redirecting to Custom URL

Problem Statement:

When requesting a verification email to be sent to the user through a Management API SDK, the end-user receives the verification link. But when they access the link they get an error page instead of being redirected to a client application-specific redirect URL.

    "type": "fv",
    "description": "invalid result url: /[optional_path_component]?supportSignUp=true&supportForgotPassword=true&email=[redacted_email_address]&message=Your%20email%20was%20verified.%20You%20can%20continue%20using%20the%20application.&success=true&code=success",
    // other properties


The email verification (with link) email template is configured to use a result URL that depends on the placeholder application.callback_domain.

If your application associated with the request that triggers the email verification ticket link to be generated does not have any allowed callback URL defined, the email template placeholder application.callback_domain will be an empty value. That will trigger an invalid result URL.

Please ensure the underlying API request includes a suitable client identifier parameter in the request body if the endpoint supports it, or ensure that the client assumed by default by the endpoint is the expected one. Alternatively, update the email template result URL to not depend on the application.callback_domain email placeholder.