Bug Report: /api/v2/jobs/verification-email endpoint not doing liquid replacement on result_url

I have a verify_template configured to use {{ application.callback_domain }}/email_verificado as “Redirect To”.

It works well in the regular signup flow, but it fails when using the api call.

The error I get is:

“name”: “BadRequestError”,
“code”: “invalid_result_url”,
“description”: “invalid result url: /email_verificado?supportSignUp=true&supportForgotPassword=true&message=Your%20email%20was%20verified.%20You%20can%20continue%20using%20the%20application.&success=true&code=success”,
“statusCode”: 400

Hi @nicolasGranTorre ,

Thank you for posting this topic on our Auth0 Community!

I tested the /api/v2/jobs/verification-email endpoint and could not repeat this error. Ideally the regular signup flow and the api call will send the same verification email and the redirect URL/result_URL in both emails should be the same.

Could you please compare the result_URL and let us know if there is any difference? Thanks!

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Too bad you can’t reproduce it. The only thing I forgot to mention is that I’m deploying with the auth deploy cli.

Maybe the bug is related to that?

BTW I found a workaround. Instead of using “{{ application.callback_domain }}”, I’m using full urls now (and handling multiple environments at deploy level.

Thank you for the updates.

Could you tell us which tenant configuration objects did you deploy with the auth0 deploy cli?

And is the result_url in the email not the same for the regular signup flow vs. the api call? If they are different, could you DM me the URLs, the name of the tenants and the body of the endpoint request? Thanks!

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