Invalid result_url in verification email

We have the same issue; it seems the {{ url }} is getting corrupted since our email provider (setup via smtp) also permits use of liquid / handlebars for variables. Please advise.

-We jobs endpoint produces a link that doesn’t work

-The ticket endpoint produces a link that does work

-The emails are sent automatically via Auth0 and we have the force email verification rule enabled.

Hi @naveed,

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I split this off into a new topic as your symptoms were somewhat different.

Can you outline your setup? What provider, how you are generating the link, error code, etc.


Thank you, Dan!

Turns out it was not an Auth0 issue at all - our email providers click tracking mechanism was breaking things. We’re working on resolving it with them.

If anyone else is using mailgun and HTTPS - see here:

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Thanks for sharing your solution! Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.


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