Realtime log drain

Hi everybody,

I have a problem with the log-section in the dashboard: It doesn’t show events in realtime.

We need those in support urgently though.

So I wanted to “drain” logs from auth0 to some log service like papertrail etc.

I tried with “Rules”, but realized, that those only run on a successfull login. I also need unsuccessfull attemps and other events in my logs at realtime though.

Next I looked at extensions. But If I get it right, thay are all just run periodically and thus don’t enable a reltime-drain of logs either, right?

can anyone help with that?


There was an Feature Disruption with tenant logs indexing, which meant there were delays in the display under the dashboard. It should now be resolved, so you should be able to see logs without significant delay in the dashboard.

In any case, another alternative is to use the [GET /api/v2/logs] (!/Logs/get_logs) endpoint from the management API v2. You can find more info about how to call the management API here:

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