How can I get /v2/api/user log?

Hello guys.

I have an application with auth0 and need to observe access log which get users list and get a user using management API (/v2/user) due to our organization policy.

But I couldn’t find any releated logs in my dashboard and Logs API(and Log Stream), even though written in the documentation Docs → Deploy and Monitor → Logs

It seems that can’t get even when accessing from the dashboard or directly accessing the ManagementAPI.

Are there any additional settings or privileges required to output these logs?

Hey @KojiYamazaki , Auth0 tenant logs do not include any GET requests to the Management API. However, any Management API request that would make changes to an entity, such as POST, PATCH and DELETE requests will get logged.

If you’d like to see Management API access logs (for GET requests), that would be a feature request: Feedback - Auth0 Community

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Thank you for your reply @thameera

I’ll request it as feature request.
I think it would not be happy to not know if user data is accessible or not as an audit on the part of the administrator for enterprise users.

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