Getting logs for user doesn't give me much info

What’s the deal with!/Users/get_logs_by_user ?

If I look at my account logs, I can see all the update/import/etc events as I manipulate a user via the API, but getting the logs by user (and viewing the History tab in the Auth0 dashboard) doesn’t seem to catch any of that.

Is that just how it works? I’m on a free account right now, but will that perchance become better when I get my enterprise subscription set up…?

I guess I could work around that by writing lucene queries for the more general log API endpoint though?

My use case is showing recent changes in our back-office system, so everyone can tell if somebody is already mucking about with custom stuff we keep in app_metadata :slight_smile:

The get_logs_by_user returns events created by the Authentication API (, not the Management API.

So for your case, to see change events regarding the app_metadata (which is something a user cannot change by him/herself) , you’d need to use the logs endpoint as you already suggested.

And there’s no difference between free and enterprise plan regarding this.

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Ah, I had missed that.

Makes sense, thanks!

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