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Auditing user events and logging into backend database


Hi Team,

I need an expert advise for doing an API call from Autho.Scenario is explained below :

  1. We are using auth0 login and password reset pages for user specific functions like login and password reset.
  2. We are having many users in auth0.
  3. For each users login , logout, password reset, password failure activities, we need to track the events and insert into our application database.

I could find many suggestions like webhooks, rules and hooks.
Could you please help me with the best practice for handling this?

Many thanks in advance.


:wave: @shilpa.c.kumar we could possibly use the Management API v2 to retrieve log entries. Depending on the information we can we can use either the /api/v2/logs endpoint where we can retrieve data based on search criteria, match the provided search criteria or the /api/v2/logs/{id} endpoint which retrieves entries based on a certain ID.

So, for example if we wanted to retrieve by the “Success Login” event, we could specify for the q parameter: q=type:s so our request URL would could look something like: https://" + auth_domain + "/api/v2/logs?page=" + str(x) + "&per_page=100&sort=date:-1&fields=date,type,user_name&include_fields=true&include_totals=true&q=type:s

Can you let me know what you have explored and what you are looking to do in particular?

More information can be explored here:


Hi ,

Thanks for explaining the scenario.My requirement is as below.

If we go to “users” tab in auth0. And take “history” tab I can see “events” listed over there.Almost all the logs which I require for a particular user are listed there. Is there any way to input those events , especially email id and event name ,to a Java API. So that I can save those details to our database via Java API.

Many thanks in advance.



Thanks for the follow up! Would the Get Log Events function in our Java library be what you are looking to achieve : we pass the user ID we can get their event logs.


Thanks Kim for explaining the scenario.
Is there any real time functions like rule .For example : If user logins into auth0 and do a password reset in auth0 page, i can trigger some api functions and can trigger my JAVA API?

I found post registration hooks will trigger event only invite for registration happens. I need the same for login and password reset. That happens only after registration.

Can you please help me?


:wave: @shilpa.c.kumar at this time I am not aware of a hook or a rule that can be triggered upon a password change request. I believe there is plans to implement this, but I wouldn’t have an estimate on when this could be available. Rules will be triggered upon successful authentication, so if there was some functionality you wanted to implement once a user authenticates we could use a Rule to accomplish this.


Thanks Kim for explaining the scenario. I used web hook authentication api extension for serving my purpose and found that its working as expected.

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