About migrating to API v2


My name is Yu and I’m quite new to this community, our company is using Auth0’ service and management APIs, recently we are migrating APIs to v2 following this guide https://auth0.com/docs/product-lifecycle/deprecations-and-migrations/migrate-to-paginated-queries , and I have a question about it.

In our code base seems we only use api/v2/connections/<connection_id>, from my understanding of this doc, there’s no work to do with this endpoint(since it’s not /connections ), is that right? Thank you!

Hey @yuzhang, welcome them to the Auth0 community!

Yes, that is correct, since this endpoint only lists a single connection based on id.



Hey Sid, thank you for the reply!

Another thing I’m confused is, in the doc it says “Confirm that you are no longer seeing deprecation notices in your tenant logs.”. I want to check this to see if there’s any deprecated endpoint I missed in our codebase, do you know what key word I can search in the log? Or is there any way I can know what are the Auth0 endpoints we are using? Thank you


Hey Sid,

no worry I just found it in the log



Thanks @yuzhang, for letting me know.

For general reference, its the log event code: depnote

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