/api/v2 deprecation notice even though I'm on V3

I am curious if others got a notification, yet again, about the V2 deprecation even though they already migrated off of it. I had one rule in my app using the old endpoint but upgraded it a few weeks back.

It’s a bit annoying that I am still getting this notice even though I switched off of it. Unless of course there is something else using that I am aware of if that’s the case a note from Auth0 support on what it is would make things 1000% easier.

Hi @kgalb2, I’m sorry you are still getting alerted about migrating even after doing so. We just want to help with friendly reminders for those have not migrated yet. If you have any questions on this subject I would be happy to assist, Thanks!

Hi @kgalb2 , I do apologize for the notices, but we are doing our best to reach out to customers with search v2 activity on their tenant(s). I am still showing some activity on a tenant you are associated with and will send you the details via email shortly.

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