Where can I find a list of deprecations and deadlines?

Where is the best place to see a list of deprecations/migrations that are upcoming?

We received a deprecation notice in our logging that didn’t appear in any emails that we saw, nor on the migrations page:
" _The User Search v2 engine is deprecated and will be fully removed on Nov 13, 2018, please use v3 (search_engine=v3) instead. For guidance on how to upgrade from v2 to v3, see: Search for Users"

Sorry you didn’t get a notification - we send them out to admins on accounts, and there’s a possibility you might not have gotten one. However, please send me a DM with your tenant and I can look into what might have happened.

All of our migrations are posted here:

Hi Jeremy, thanks! I’ll DM you.

I had vaguely remembered seeing a notice about something happening in November but could not find it after seeing the notification once. Is this still being fully removed Nov 13? It doesn’t seem to be mentioned on that migrations page (at least, November isn’t mentioned).

There was one that we pulled back and are looking at a plan for the future.

Thanks !

That’s what I figured since the info was gone, but wanted to check before getting a Nov 13 surprise. So the one you’re referring to being planned for later in the future is the Nov 13 one referred to by @jwauth ?

Yes, that’s correct!

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